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Mum's the word

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Have you ever searched the definition of 'mum'?

I did.

I know, you are thinking, stupid question.

No, I've not gone completely mad.


Try it.

Go on.

Google it.

Look for the definition.

Adjective 'silent'.

Now, maybe I'm being ridiculously dim, however I've never looked it up or even thought about the actual meaning of mum.

We all know what it means really, however;

"Keeping mum"

"Mum's the word"

Of course.

It makes perfect sense.


How could I not know this?

Fact is, I didn't.

You might be asking yourself where is this going.

Actually, I'm asking myself the same.

It's okay, there is a point to this.

Social Media 2018

I always like to review social media trends and reports from the previous year.

Nerd, I know.

However, in the marketing world, it's crucial to keep up to date with all the changes, new apps, social platforms, algorithms, content, data etc.

It changes on a day to day basis.

Minute to minute even.

I'm not getting any younger and I'm aware of the digitally savvy generation Z snapping at my heels.

I believe 2018 was a 'shake up' year f'or social platforms.

The global attention following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many major tech platforms found themselves in hot water.

The public lost faith and trust with social platforms.

Social networks are under an increasing amount of pressure to protect all its users especially around data privacy.

With the introduction of GDPR, lots of companies were and still are nervous around collecting data online.

Smart Insights published the following;

· Worldwide internet users = 3.1 billion (7% increase year on year)

· Worldwide Social media users = 3.1 billion (13% increase year on year)

· Mobile phone users = 5.1 billion (4% increase year on year)

Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that newsfeed usage on Facebook would likely decline, so, he's investing in his teams to build new features and ad products for 2019.

In the US, social media finally outranked newspaper prints for news (according to Pew Research).

Despite the shake-ups and the mistrust, digital users continue to increase.

That is one sure fact for 2019.


Who are they?

Why use them?

Are they worth it?

Almost everyone on Instagram platform either already is one or aspires to be one.

Kylie Jenner had the most liked Instagram post of 2018.

She's an influencer.

Dani Dyer of Love Island fame collaborated with InTheStyle launching her own clothing brand, leading to record breaking traffic to InTheStyle website and record sales.

She's an influencer.

Mrs Hinch has amassed a following of over 1.5m, an Essex housewife whose popularity soared by sharing 'stories' of her cleaning and her cleaning tips.

She now refers to her followers as 'Hinchers', advertising major brands, not just cleaning brands.

She's an influencer.

Should you consider using them?



Here's some of the reasons why:

· Sales - as soon as they talk or share a picture/video of your product/service - sales will begin to flow.

Normally in peaks and bursts but sales will happen!

· Content Creators - they excel at this. Hence, they have so many following and engaging. They create content you can use on your own social platforms. Whether it be a video, picture or a 'story'.

· Engagement - whether blogging, vlogging or sharing stories they know how to engage their audience. This is more important than followers for brands, as their audience is interacting therefore the audience is more likely to trust them.

· Creatives - competition is fierce, therefore they are natural creatives. They know how to create interesting and engaging content. They have to, it's their main role. They need to stay current, on trend and be one step ahead at all times.

· Communicators - they live, breathe, eat, sleep in the digital world. They will know exactly how to communicate your brand in a way to connect their audience.

If they can connect your product/service with their audience, you are very likely to get conversions into sales.

· Trusted - the opinion of influencers matters. Why? The public is likely to trust them over your brand in the first instance.

· Target Audience - they already have their target audience, they know their audience . They know how to engage with them and get their attention. If they can connect your brand/service with their target audience - they're doing your sales job for you.

Digital Mums

Google 'mum bloggers'.

One of the top results you will see is a link to the top 50 blogs to follow.

The best 50.


I've tried to google how many mum bloggers there actually are.

I can't seem to find an answer.

If any of you know I'd love you to share.

I've also been looking at the number 1 mum bloggers.

It varies depending on what site you are on.

Honest mum comes top.

As does the unmumsy mum.

I'm slightly annoyed at myself.

When I first started blogging, there weren't that many around.

I used to follow slummy single mummy as I loved that name and for a long time that was me.

Single mum and slumming it.

I was too busy with my business to really take blogging seriously.


Blogging was only ever a hobby.

However, on Instagram, there are hundreds, thousands even.

It's big business.

I follow them.

I read their blogs.

Actually, not true I watch their vlogs.

They are hilariously brilliant.

Immaculate, beautiful and hands on mums.

It does scare a little.

Are we sending out the right message?

I'm not 100% sure we are.

Is it 'really' like this?

They may have 3 kids under 5, however they still manage to get out of bed, shower, dress, full make up AND clean the house before kiddies awake.

Feed, and cloth them.

Make pack lunches.

Do the school run.

All the while - videoing!

I'm in awe of how they do it.

What do they know?

What are they using?

Please share your secret.

I feel left out.

I can barely muster the energy to get out of bed at 8am and help my 12-year-old son get ready and out the door for 8.55.

I'm not fully dressed, sometimes not showered and certainly not in full make up.

Hence my lack of videos.

Maybe I should do one.

The horror of a 'live' early morning video of my peri-menopausal life.

On second thoughts, no.

No-one needs to see that.

So, back to that mum definition.


Digital savvy mums are anything but silent.

With their day to day lives continually streamed for all to see.

They are more open, more vocal and very influential.

Some have become top influencers and powerful in their chosen industry.

A stay at home mum certainly doesn't mean what it did 30 years ago.

Stay at home mum's in today's world are anything but silent.

Long may it continue.

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