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Mama, business owner, fiancee trying to navigate my way through my diva life.



My Story

DivaMum is mama to teenage boy, Fiancee to Mr S, Business Owner and growing significantly older but still very much a Diva!

Love my life although like everyone, I've been through challenging times.

Divorced at 40, single mama and struggling business - it's been quite a decade.​

I've been on a rollercoaster journey through life with magnificent highs and lows.  It's from the lows and the mistakes I've learned the most.  ​​

We can be mothers, partners, step-mums, carers, or quite simply career focused however, we still need to let our hair down, wear the high heels and feel good about ourselves. 

I'm a hobby blogger and like to write about my experiences past and present.

Love experimenting with new beauty products, hair vintage fashion, interior design 

Ex-chocolatier and foodie and co-founder of food business (coming soon).

I've been with Mr S for a few years now and very happy and we are getting married in December 2020.  Both my boys are friends and the future looks great

Oh... and I'm not ready to hang up my high heels just yet.


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