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I'm a mother, a partner, growing significantly older and still very much a Diva!


DivaMum is about ensuring that inner 'Diva' light shines bright no matter the circumstances or what is happening in life.

Love my boy, my partner Mr S, and my business.


Generally love my life although like everyone, I've been through some challenging times.

When I turned 40, I was newly divorced with a young son and a struggling business. 


Emotionally I was in a downward spiral without fully realising. 

Financially it was extremely difficult juggling personal & business finance as well as dealing with the aftermath of a failed marriage. 


My ex-husband and I also lost our business after 10 successful years - a double whammy!


   Nucoco chocolate was created almost immediately after both life changing events. 


While creating a brilliant brand, and gaining fabulous customers, mentally I was not in the best place. 


Sooner or later something had to give.


No-one likes to admit when they are struggling

I've been on a rollercoaster journey through life with magnificant highs and lows.

 It's from the lows and the mistakes I've learned the most. 

Perhaps you will be able to relate to some of my blogs.

We can be mothers, partners, step-mums, carers, or simply career focused however, we still need to let our hair down, wear the high heels and feel good about ourselves. 

I no longer have my chocolate business (for now!) however I love to help others with their business and hope that my experiences, good and bad will help.

I'm a hobby blogger and like to write about my experiences past and present.


I've been with Mr S 18 months now and very happy.


Both my boys are friends and the future looks great.

I'm a freelance marketer and love working with different companies, brands and products.


Currently working with  Liquor to Lips in the UK Drink's Industry helping new brands break into the market place.

Oh... and I'm not ready to hang up my high heels just yet.



"Never regret anything, for at one time it was exactly what you wanted".


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